Frankling Custom Feeds

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Frankling Custom Feeds has continued to grow, and has developed a reputation as a strong brand in the marketplace.
Supporting locals is a big part of this family business. Wherever possible local tradesman and contractors are engaged, and along with sponsorship of the local football and netball clubs, the FCF logo is well known locally.
Frankling Custom Feeds are experts in offering “Cost Effective Feeding Solutions”. The advise we offer is not only designed to help our you achieve the optimum margin over feed costs, but also ensure you use your own feed sources, wether that is pasture, hay, grain or silage, in the most effective way.
Frankling Custom Feeds offer all bulk customers complimentary on-farm nutrition and feed budgeting service*. Our qualified Nutritionist is available at any time to discuss the impact of different feeding strategies and feed purchasing decisions on the production and profitability of your farm.
Chicken, meat bird, poultry, cattle, pigs and equine – all available in 20kg or bulka bags.




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